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Safe, remote examination of lungs in the comfort of your home supported by AI algorithms
#StayHome with StethoMe

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See how StethoMe® helps fight the coronavirus

We offer telemedicine companies and hospitals a ready solution intended for monitoring the condition of lungs and heart and a dedicated solution for doctors exposed to contact with infected patients.

Remote examination of lungs and heart

Diagnosing quarantined people

StethoMe® was originally designed for home users and their needs in mind. It records lung and heart sounds in a user-friendly manner and enables sending them online to a doctor through a telemedicine platform. It enables remote monitoring of quarantined patients, as well as those who suffer from other diseases and should not leave their homes in the current situation.

Automatic analysis

AI module that support the doctors

The StethoMe® system relies on artificial intelligence algorithms - StethoMe® AI. Thanks to them, the system notifies of presence of abnormal sounds characteristic of respiratory track infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD).

StethoMe® AI identifies wheezes, rhonchi, coarse crackles and fine crackles. A doctor receives remotely a ready report from the examination and they can also listen to the sounds recorded or see their graphical analysis.

Telemedical solution

Easy integration with partners

The StethoMe® system is a solution intended for integration with telemedicine and hospital systems. The API and SDK prepared enable quick and straightforward implementation, as well as easy preparation of an application for patients and a platform for doctors.

The whole procedure is supported by engineers from StethoMe®. See for yourself how simple it is and take care of the safety of your patients.

Wireless stethoscope

A safe solution for medics

The suits designed to protects the doctors against infection become an obstacle when it comes to auscultation of a patient’s lungs and heart. To carry out such an examination properly, the medical personnel would need to either puncture the suit or take it off, which poses to them a significant risk of becoming infected. StethoMe® makes it possible for medics in protective suits to carry out wireless auscultation of patients, thus ensuring safe performance of this crucial examination.


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