How does it work?

The system detects abnormal auscultation sounds and measures respiratory parameters which are key to asthma control, but it can also signal other diseases. These include pneumonia, bronchitis and respiratory tract infections.


Turn on the stethoscope and launch the StethoMe® Asthma app on your phone. The devices connect to each other automatically.


Place the stethoscope on the child’s chest. The system tells you how to do this, and it also tells you if the measurement is incorrect or if the surroundings are too noisy.


StethoMe® Artificial Intelligence analyses the sounds recorded and delivers the result.

If any of the parameters is outside the normal range, StethoMe® lets you know immediately. You can send the result to your doctor at any time for remote interpretation.

You examine. StethoMe® analyses. The doctor decides.

How does StethoMe® work?

The system is based on simultaneous detection of abnormal auscultation sounds and measurement of respiratory parameters that are important in the course of asthma. If any of the parameters deviates from the normal range, StethoMe® will inform you of this immediately.

The combination of the StethoMe® stethoscope and the StethoMe® AI algorithms enables performing lung auscultation and recording of breathing sounds in order to automatically detect any abnormal signals in the respiratory system. The stethoscope and the algorithms are certified medical devices.

With StethoMe®, you can detect the symptoms of asthma exacerbations:

More wheezes and rhonchi

During aggravation, the bronchi contract, leading to appearance of additional wheezing sounds that can be heard using the stethoscope

Increased heart rate

Increased value during aggravation

Prolonged expiratory phase

The expiration phase is extended during aggravation

Higher frequency of breathing

Increased value during aggravation

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